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Apr 14, 2006

Fiance and I are getting married in Columbus, OH. That''s an hour north of where my dad''s family lives and an hour south of where most of my mom''s family lives. It''s about four hours from where C''s family lives (they''re from PA). I have some other relatives that will be coming from out of state as well.

We''re getting married at a restaurant (also where the reception will be), so we can''t rehearse the night before the wedding. I was thinking we could do a late morning rehearsal and then get meat/cheese/fruit/etc trays for the people involved to munch on instead of doing a full blown rehearsal dinner. The restaurant has a theme night every Friday, so we''d have to be done by 5 or so I think.

Then the wedding would be Saturday afternoon/evening. I was thinking that since we wouldn''t be doing a full blown rehearsal dinner it might be nice to invite the out of town guests that will still be around Sunday morning to go to brunch (at the same restaurant though).

It''s a 40''s WWII themed restaurant that plays a lot of blues/jazz/etc. We''re having a live band for the reception and will have a buffet type of deal with a couple of meal/side choices available. The brunch is normally very good, with waffles/fajitas/omelettes/shrimp/etc, my family has been going there for brunch over 15 years, I''ve never been there for dinner before.

This is the restaurant...

So, my questions are:

1. Do you think that the rehearsal luncheon would be tacky? I was thinking this way out of town guests could head out Saturday morning and make it in plenty of time as well, and would probably be staying until Sunday morning anyway.

2. Would brunch on Sunday be overkill? I don''t want everyone to feel obligated to come or like we expected everyone to devote a whole weekend to our wedding, I was really just thinking it''d be nice to get to visit with family/friends once the stress of the wedding day was over...we won''t be having a honeymoon so it''s not like we need to rush off to go somewhere!

3. Would having the brunch at the same restaurant be overkill? The food should be completely different, but I don''t want people to be bored. It''s a neat place though, and I love spending time there, but I don''t want people to be bored, lol.

4. Any other suggestions/advice?

A couple of other things...I was thinking that it''d be nice to be able to spend a quiet evening together for our last night as non-husband and wife, and to get to sleep early. Plus we''ll need to go back to the restaurant the next morning anyway, to undecorate. So, thoughts? Thanks a lot!!!



May 16, 2006
hi jester

your reception venue sounds really cool---here are my opinions:

no, the luncheon is not tacky and yes, i think it would be nice of you to invite all the out of towners. If you are worried about people feeling ''obligated'' and if knowing exact numbers is not a problem you could send them all a cute e-vite or simple, fun inviation saying that you are hosting a welcome luncheon or for the brunch and they can drop in between ___ and ___ . The ''drop in'' aspect takes the pressure off them and ensures they know it''s casual etc.

As for the ''over kill'' thing--in terms of food, i highly doubt it. The meal(s) will be different and even if it was not, big deal, it''s only one day.
The only thing i would consider(in terms of the luncheon): do you want everyone seeing your venue ahead of time.?
I am having my reception at resort and we are taking over a water-front restaurant--i am hoping that guests that arrive the day before don''t have several meals there b/c i want it to seem like ''my venue'' rather than the restaurant they went to, decorated to look like a reception room....everyone thinks i am a little nuts however, so i am trying not to over think things too much hehe...brides are infamous for this trait
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