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Need opinions on packaging


May 11, 2012
So The ring should be here next week. I have decided that since the lady has taken over my Ipad and I bug her about it she said she wants her own. We are not traditional or romantic or wouldn't want anything public like. So I though I would put the ring inside my Ipad box and wrap it up to give to her. We have looked at rings and talked about things, she knows that one day she will get a ring she just doesn't know when. So I have a few options of how to display the ring just not sure what is best.
First, the box will weigh the same and feel the same as one that is loaded with a real Ipad so it will feel legit.
I can go crazy and sculpt a foam hand and then wrap it with velvet and a contrasting background, set the ring in the hand so It is obvious.
Just straight up make the inside of Ipad box look like the inside of a standard ring box.
Or I saw some ring bearer pillow looking things at the craft store that maybe I could put that in there with the ring on it
Line inside of box with flower pedals with ring in the middle on a little pillow or something?
I am not sure what would be best, I'm sure either way she will love it. Worst case scenario is that she will still be wondering where her Ipad is :lol:


Jan 8, 2011
Uh, you'd better get her an ipad if you're going with solution 1. Cute idea, though.


Jan 17, 2012
I agree, if you can swing it, get her the ipad.

One thing you could do is take a picture of the ring with your (or her new) ipad. Then when she opens it have it set on the photo gallery and when she powers it up the picture of the ring will show up. Then you can get on one knee and present her with the real thing!
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