Need help selecting 2 diamonds


May 14, 2021

its my first post!

I read and searched long time for diamons. I found 2 lab grown diamons in my budget, but im not sure which one to choose.
Can you give me your opinion on the diamonds below?



Dec 17, 2008
Hi @bauersohn

We have a lab grown diamond forum here:

I'll ask the mods to move this thread.

Edit...also, you can run the stones numbers through the HCA tool to get an idea of how well they are cut.


Apr 23, 2021
I'm assuming you're looking in the $1500-1600 range, yes?
Any specific reasons for choosing a D color with a VVS2-VS1 clarity range?

Reason why I ask is because there are tons of options to maximize your purchase by moving up to the E-F colorless range and VS2-SI1 clarity range...yes, you'll have to put forth some due diligence to be a bit more scrutinizing, but also keep in mind that smaller diamonds around 1 carat or less can show really really well, even up to an SI2 clarity, as long as they're "eye clean" while sticking to some specific parameters for what is considered a "super ideal" cut for balancing brilliance and fire:

Depth: 59-61.8%
Table: 53-59%
Crown angle: 34.3-35.0°
Pavilion angle: 40.6-40.9°
Girdle: Thin or Medium or Slightly Thick (faceted)

Depending on the methodology of "super ideal" parameters, the ranges can be different, depending on who has outlined them, such as:

Depth: 61-62.5%
Table: 54-57%
Crown angle: 34.0-35.0°
Pavilion angle: 40.6-41.0°
Girdle: Thin or Medium or Slightly Thick (faceted)

$1500-1600 should easily get you into the E-F, VS2-SI1, 0.90-1.05 carat range.

Another thing to keep in mind is what kind of setting will the diamond be in: white gold, yellow gold, something else?

You'll probably want to stick with colorless to near colorless range of D-G for white gold/silver.
For yellow gold, don't necessarily shy away from H-J, even K-L depending on how they individually appear, for yellow gold since the metal will reflect it's own coloring into the diamond.

On that note, be aware of "blue nuance" lab diamonds from the HPHT method and brown tinted diamonds from the CVD method. Not a lot of lab diamonds in the G-Z color grades are either bluish or brownish, but they are out there.

Using RareCarat's advanced search parameters for lab diamonds, I found the following examples:

0.91 F VS2 $1501
0.94 F VS2 $1548
1.12 F SI1 $1579

Just some food for thought. :)
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