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Need Help Picking a Smaller Fancy Diamond


Feb 13, 2014
Hi everyone,

I am back for some guidance and help... My wife is getting her mother a small fancy diamond for Christmas (she likes unique jewelry). She is going to melt down her old wedding ring set and reset a casual everyday ring. She is a simple person and doesn't need anything huge or flashy. My wife would like to get a stone for around $1000 CAD. I am very comfortable assessing images and numbers for rounds, but need help with all other diamonds. Gypsy helped pick out a pear for me a few months back (again a smaller one) and it looks great in a simple pendant and the wife loves it.

- Prefer Oval, Marquise, Pear, as these face up a bit bigger
-Around $1000 budget
- Don't require ASET or idealscope as timeframe may not allow
- She will ultimately set her own diamond, but I would be up for cool setting ideas for a smaller stone.

Open to all suggestions. I like looking at James Allen since they provide the best images and quick shipping to Canada. Thanks a lot for everyone help. I know I haven't given very specific instructions.


Dec 17, 2008
So I had a big post all type up with lots of links then my cat laid down on my keyboard and was gone :angryfire: ...bad

I think your budget is about $750 are a few to get you started... ask JA if GIA number is visible my favorite pretty love this

I suggest you decide what shape stone really interest you/her and we can go from there.
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