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Need help! Major jewelry newb looking for an engagement ring


Oct 26, 2011
Hi All!

This is my first post and I admittedly know nothing so please don't flame. I plan to propose to my girlfriend of 5 years in the beginning of December and I've just started researching engagement rings. I went to Robbins Brothers with the sole purpose of learning as much as I could (and not making a purchase) earlier this week. The lesson was helpful as I've never looked closely at a diamond and now have some understanding of what the four C's are and how they relate to a physical rock.

Here is my story: My girlfriend has zero clue that I am going to propose. We have discussed marriage some over the last few years but nothing to make her think I would propose now. I plan to keep it that way and therefore cannot get any information from her or her friends. I plan to pick out the best ring I can from a place that allows for returns so that she can return it and get her perfect ring if she so chooses. My price is somewhere in the 5 - 8K range.

Based on what I told the guy at RB, he recommended I go with a round cut diamond. He showed me 5 diamonds in the 5 - 6K range leaving $2000 budget in case she wants to get a different/better ring. The best of the options he showed me (to my eye) was their signature cut 1.03 carat H, I1 ($5500).

Since my visit to RB I have started to do my own research and I came across your great site. I've started to do research on a few of the sites mentioned by people in their testimonials and realize (I realized this going into it) that RB is a rip off and the same rock should cost $1000 less.

Sorry for the long winded explanation... my questions are:
What would you guys recommend as a ring?
Is there a getting started post to the forum to help me figure out the process of dealing with an online retailer? I looked and couldn't find anything.
Do you see any issues with my plan to buy the best ring I can and allow her to return it if she wants for her perfect ring?

Thanks for all your help!


Jul 30, 2010
Re: Need help! Major jewelry newb looking for an engagement

Good job on doing your own research and avoiding Robbins Brothers.

You can start here: also offers lots of helpful info on their site and videos on

It's best to go with vendors that offer generous return and buyback policies and stick with stones with GIA or AGS reports.

Popular vendors here include:

Once you have a better idea of what you are looking for start a new thread in [URL=''][/URL] . It gets more eyeballs and is much more active.
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