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Need feedback on proposal Idea


Mar 16, 2015
Good day everyone,

You all have been so helpful with assisting me finding a ring I figured I would ask you all for some feedback regarding my proposal idea. so here goes

I plan to do a scavenger hunt proposal, with starting and ending at home... so first place would be for her to go to her favorite nail place to get her nails and toes done. once shes finished she will need to text me for her 2nd clue and that will be to go and visit her favorite niece and nephew for a little, maybe like an hour. Then have them provide her a letter for the 3rd clue, that will take her to her grams house to spend a little time with her (my girlfriend tends to want to spend more time with me than her family from time to time so i figure this will be a good time to get her to visit them).

Have her Gram give her the 4th clue to visit her mom for lunch (optional step because i can have her mom and grams go to lunch with her). mom provides next clue to have her meet me for a coffee where our first date was... it is a very public place and I dont think she would like it very much if i proposed there so thats why after we hung out for a little, i provide her the last clue that she can not open until she goes shopping for a dinner outfit. the last clue will be "____ where the heart is" meaning home. and hen leave a note hanging from the door when she comes in leading her to a picture she loves and behind it will be the ring and thats why i come out and ask her to marry me.

It is long and drawn out I know but i think it would work very well... What are your thoughts?


Aug 29, 2014
Okay, I've tried to post 3 times in reply but for some reason won't let me, hope this works!

So, yes, it is very long! Here a few of my thoughts:
1 - is it good to get nails done, then go play with children? Unless she has fake nails, this will require at least 1 full hour of dry time to be totally dry so they aren't immediately wrecked. keep in mind for timing.
2 - I'd probably try to remove yourself from the day a bit, so its more suspenceful (is that a word?). So, give the nail salon the next clue instead of you texting her, and skip the coffee date.
3 - Coffee date - I'd skip this entirely, and either a) start her day there with her favourite drink or b) take her there after dinner (if its open).
4 - She will 99% likely have guessed what is going on, so I'm assuming you're ok with it not being a total surprise.

Anyways, just some thoughts from a totally random stranger on the internetz :) If you think it's great (and think she will too!) then that's what matters! Good luck, cant wait to see handshots!
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