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My Proposal From 10 Years Ago...


Feb 21, 2011
I found this site looking for a 10th Anniversary present for my wife so it's only fitting that my first post is in this section. It was like it was yesteday...

My girlfriend and I were both 24 and living in L.A. I asked her if she wanted to go up to Santa Barbara for the day. This was something we had done a few times before since I knew the area while from going to UC Santa Barbara. She was on board. What she didn't know was that I called her father a week earlier and asked for his blessing. I also made a scrapbook of all the love letters and cards we had written each other over the past three years. On the very last two pages was a brand new heart-felt letter and a proposal.

Just before the trip, I bought a calling card (so we could call our family in Canada after), I packed an overnight bag for her, and made dinner and hotel reservations.

After a fun filled day, I took her to the top of the mountain that overlooks the town and ocean. I gave her the book to read, and when she turned to the last page I was on one knee and asked her to marry me.

Anyone is welcomed to steal that proposal from me and make it their own. And anyone is welcomed to help me find my wife a diamond bracelet that won't cost me an arm and a leg. I hope to get to know you all. I'm somewhat new to forums. Excuse me if my etiquette for my first post is poor.


Dec 12, 2010
Great story and proposal! If you help with the bracelet, you might want to post in Rocky Talky.
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