Mom and the florist

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Jun 27, 2006
Disclaimer: I realize that there are many worse problems going on in the world right now. Ordinarily, I love my mom and appreciate all the love, support, and generosity she has given me.

But she''s driving me nuts right now! In consideration to the fact that we ended up picking an expensive reception site and my parents want pricey food, my floral budget is relatively modest.

My mom and I had originally talked about doing large planters of potted flowers for our ceremony decor. But since we discussed the possibility of it being difficult to ensure they were blooming on the right exact day, the relatively small amount of flowers that bloom in September, and her own admitted discomfort with flower arranging, I asked her if it would be OK if I just asked this florist for a quote to make 2 big arrangements out of fresh flowers. We had also discussed the possibility of using potted orchids as centerpieces, but I figured since I was contacting florists, I might as well get an idea of what the prices were.

I found a florist in my area who doesn''t advertise, works from her home, and was recommended on my local Knot board as being a good value. So I set up a meeting. Mom was supposed to come, but she came down with a bad cold and couldn''t make it. The florist sends me a quote - her centerpieces are each $30 cheaper than the other florists I have contacted, and about the same price as potted orchids. She quotes me $100 each for two large ceremony arrangements. I thought her prices were extremely reasonable. I show Mom. She says "oh, whatever you want, it''s your wedding". I ask if she would rather do them herself. "No, I don''t think I could even do plantings for that money". I ask if I should go ahead with this florist, or keep looking. "Oh, whatever you want, it''s your wedding".

I realize that I shouldn''t be complaining about my mother giving me more choices, but I honestly can''t tell if she''s 1) upset that I didn''t use her ideas 2) upset because with the ceremony arrangements, we are $200 over the initial budget that I proposed 3) just grouchy because she''s still sick.

Now I''m not sure if I should go ahead and book the florist or not.


Jan 25, 2005
My advice is get the florist, stop worrying about it. $200 over the budget is not that big a deal, it will save you the time and worry about doing the plantings yourself, and it will be done! Your mom''s responses didn''t seem like she was upset. I wouldn''t second guess everything. There would be too many things to second guess!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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