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Miracle Needed! Stolen Tiffany Art Deco Dinner Ring


Nov 23, 2012
Hi all,
This is a real long shot...but crazy things do happen right?!

My parents got married in 1973 with a beautiful Tiffany dinner ring as my moms engagement ring. It was an amazing special Art Deco piece that they loved dearly until it was stolen along with all of their heirloom and sentimental pieces in 1978 never to be heard from again.
(My mom was pregnant with my brother and took everything off...the house was broken into and everything gone :( )

Throughout the years they have looked here and there-in stores or online, but nothing ever resurfaced :(

Now, my dad is getting ready for my moms 70th birthday(still has a couple years to go, but he is searching and searching) and would love to give her something that would at least be as beautiful and remind them of what they had at that special time in their lives.

ANY tips or ideas on how to look or where to go? A pretty intense internet search turned up no tiffany pieces of the style or era. Could I reach out to antique stores and ask them to look for us? Is there a better way to go about this?

I'm still searching for a picture that features the ring...I know that would be helpful.

All I know is it was a dinner ring, north-south, shaped like a trapezoid?, small round center stone and beautiful filigree work.
And aside from being labeled Tiffany, it was inscribed with the words "te amo". Heartbreaker.

Thanks for your ideas!


Apr 2, 2006
Tiffanys might have some sort of rendering of the piece in their archives. If you're anywhere near New York (or can arrange for a visit there) you can access their archives - You could also draw a picture of the ring from memory, and see if Tiffany's researchers can help you find a photo from that and whatever purchase details you have. Once you have a good picture, there are jewelers who can help you reproduce the ring. Extensive google image and pinterest searches might also help you find a picture of similar rings to use as a guide.

If the ring was made in what I call a "molded filigree" style - i.e., it has the airiness of filigree but was made with a mold - there is a jeweler in my father's town (Sonora, California) who says he has the technology to reproduce that style. I'll try to post the name and contact info later. I haven't worked with him on any projects however, so can't vouch for his work beyond what he's told me.


Apr 19, 2004

Not sure if Tiffany provides archival searches...or at least not for "free". You might be able to search old catalogs yourself by googling the description of the ring--you'd b surprised what is posted online. Nothing to loose! Good luck and let us know what you find.

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