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Messy Thanksgiving cooking...happy Turkey Day!


Oct 30, 2016
(Forgot to actually hit submit in my exhausted state this morning...)
Just started the marinade and injected my turkey so it could sit over night. So far the recipe is a) easy, b) tasty (more on how I already know in a min), and c) priming my bird for greatness. Now...what they don't tell you. In a pinch, lemon or lime juice can substitute of the apple cider vinegar. Also, if you use a cuisinart because your blender is out of commission, it's not water tight. How do I know? Guess. That said, if you're quick, you should be able to get the marinade relatively blended without more than a handful of tablespoons puddling on the counter and onto the floor. My dogs loved it. Lesson? Put the darn thing on a cookie sheet next time. Also, if you've never used an injector thingy on a turkey before there are THREE holes in the needle. One at the tip and two more up the needle. Guess who didn't realize this at If you don't stick the darn thing in at an angle you risk the topmost hole being above the skin. My cabinets, stove, kitchen window, and counters are now thanking me for giving them a Thorough Scrub. I'll have to get a short ladder out for the rest before company arrives tomorrow. My husband's winter coat across the rooms looks like he ran through a food fight and I'm covered from the waist up. Taste test has been accomplished. For now, bed is calling so the little gobs of un-cuisinarted garlic and liquid cajun delight will have to stay stuck in my hair and on the ceiling. My turkey is plump with Cajun marinade. Happy Thanksgiving!


Oct 14, 2016
Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope you enjoy your day and your turkey... (sounds like it's going to be delicious!)


Oct 16, 2016
I'm going to have to tell my daughter about the marinade......and all the other little things you did. It was me and and daughter.....yesterday and it was the blind leading the blind. :rolleyes: We had fun though, her boyfriend came over halfway through it all, and it was kind of a bonding experience. It was the first time for either of us cooking a full dinner like that so the Google machine and an out of state grandmother were used quite a bit.
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