Men''s Titanium Wedding Band Questions

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Jan 20, 2005
Hi! I''m getting married soon and it''s getting to be time to pick out a wedding ring. Actually, it was probably time to pick out a ring about a month ago.

I''m interested in a titanium and gold ring, but I have some questions.

My fiancee and I have looked at a few local stores, but they have all had a very small selection of titanium rings, and even fewer with gold in them. Also, I was told that for them to order a ring for me, because I have thin fingers (7 1/4 - 7 1/2), it could take up to 10 weeks, which is a few weeks after the wedding. So I think I will be ordering a ring online.

Of the few titanium rings I saw with a gold inlay, the gold was flush with the titanium and wasn''t very obvious. Is this always the case? If I want the gold to be more obvious, should I rule out flush inlays?

I''m also interested in the black titanium rings. Does anyone have experience with these? Is the black just a coating? Will it scratch off?



May 1, 2006
I cannot really answer any of your questions, but I like that ring Julie posted.

E-weddingbands also has a number of options:

We''re getting ready to order a tungsten carbide ring from them ~ they have received many favorable reviews here.

Assuming you were taking about yellow gold and titanium ~ I would think the contrast would be pretty noticeable. I don''t know anything about the black titanium rings, but e-weddingbands has some of them as well.

Good luck!


May 23, 2006
Here are the tungsten carbide rings that are darker

And here are some with the inlay

As for your question about the white gold inlay, it will be pretty subtle i think. I have a titanium wedding ring and a white gold engagement ring and sometimes they look very close in color.

Also, DH has a titanium ring to and he loves it because he can wear it constantly without worrying about it bending. He wears an 8 and it took about 6 weeks for us to get it through And they can do rush orders if you really need it. Best of luck!



Oct 31, 2003
Hi Thwomp, the gold being flush is due to the way the rings are inlayed. A bar of bold is hammered into an undercut groove in the titanium. It generally sticks out and is rough when it''s first done. It is then machined and ground back to flush. It usually isn''t done with casting equipment like gold jewelry is normally done, so sculpted or standing shapes are not usually done.

There are different ways to get the black titanium. Some are an alloy of mostly zirconium with some titanium thrown in that get cooked in a kiln like a ceramic, and others are coated by a vapor deposition method done in a vacuum chamber.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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