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Maul Jewelers, Part Deux

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Jun 10, 2003
For anyone familiar with my post/rant a few weeks back on chain jewelery stores...I had a few minutes to kill today before an appointment, and I went into a well-known Canadian maul retailer...they are closely related to Zales in the US.

I looked at a 1.07 RB Canadian diamond (Canadian diamonds are an interesting marketing ploy - but I''m digressing.)
Anyways, it was an ideal cut, F VS2, Depth 60.70, Table 55.90, Crown 34.70, Pavillion 43.70. I examined it from all angles under a loupe, and to my untrained eye, it was very clean. It had a clear pattern of arrows visible in the face-up position. It also sparkled like a disco ball.
When I got home I plugged the numbers into the HCA, and it came up 1.5 TIC. Nice.

And now, for the was $14,999.00 Canadian. That''s $10,781.83 USD, at the current conversion rate. Plus 7% GST, plus 8% GST. The ring was set in a simple 14k yellow gold setting, and I asked what it would cost to have it set into a plain platinum tiffany-style six prong setting....wait for it...another EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS added to the purchase price.

I asked the sales clerk how many of these rings she''s actually sold. She said, "Not many. Most people buy the cheaper 1 carat diamond (they had an H I2 non-premium cut for $4,999 - still highway robbery!) It''s almost as nice, anyways."

I am so glad I found you guys.


Jan 23, 2003
Sorry girl but you missed out a *great* bargain!

Run away as fast as you can!


Oct 30, 2002
Are you telling me you have a problem with paying $11k for a 1c diamond? Cheapo!!!!

'it's almost as nice anyways'....yeah okay. I got a bridge I wanna sell ya...


Dec 9, 2002

Canadians are dumb in my opinion. And yes, I was born
here in Canada. Why do you think that you can only find
crappy diamonds everywhere here in Canada? Because
people buy them. That's it. At least, you found a well
cut diamond!



Nov 20, 2002
It's not just diamonds when it comes to mall stores. Often times they're even more clueless when it comes to colored stones.

A ways back when I was in the midst of getting my GG, I walked into a high-end store in the mall near my house wanting to see some tsavorite garnets, if they actually had any. I had just learned about them from the GIA Colored Stone course and wanted to see one in person, since my wife's birthstone is garnet and I thought I might one day get her one.

Well, when I asked the clerk if they had any "tsavorite garnets," I could almost see the question marks floating out of his head. He called the owner/manager over, and I repeated the question. He at least seemed to understand what I was looking for, but still had a funny look on his face. They in fact had one, a fairly nice one, but in the course of discussing it, he started shaking his head at me in a condescending way. He reached across the display case and pulled out a rhodolite garnet ring, stuck it under my nose, and declared, "No, that is a garnet. This is a tsavorite." I thought about explaining to him that garnets are a mineral group consisting of a bunch of different stones, only some of which are red . . . but I could see it was a lost cause. That was when I walked out. And I had only started my GG courses a couple of months before this.

(I ended up getting my wife some tsavorites but had to order them from a web site in Thailand
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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