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Martin Sheffield - Certified US Diamonds is AMAZING

Eric Van

Jul 12, 2018
I met Martin through a friend, who had also recently purchased an engagement ring. To be honest, I knew nothing about engagement rings. I only knew that I was going to be spending a ton of money, and that I had to get it right. So for me, there was a lot of pressure.

I liked Martin after our very first conversation on the phone. He was really reassuring about everything - he assured me that he'd walk me through the entire process, and promised he'd get me the best possible stone with my budget. He was an excellent communicator from the very start. I also appreciated that he was patient, and was in no way condescending. He didn't expect me to have a certain amount of knowledge, nor was he pushy. I sent him a bunch of photos from Blue Nile, and told him what attributes I was looking for, and he came back with possible options. I went over to his office in Toronto to talk it through. I was feeling quite unsure about paying so much money on something I couldn't see in-person. However, he had a few examples of pear-shaped stones (the cut I wanted), and we compared. Even though those weren't the ones I was about to purchase, it was good to be able to have a frame of reference, and being able to see the difference between one stone, and the next, was really important. In the end, I put my faith in Martin, who was so sure that the stone we agreed on would be brilliant. He was absolutely right.

In the end, when we worked out all the details for the setting with his jeweller, the ring was amazing. It was so much more beautiful that anything I could have expected. In addition, he helped me meet a deadline because I had plans to propose in Hawaii. Everything was basically done in about a month's time. My fiance is ECSTATIC about the ring - and I can only thank Martin for this.

Here's a photo of the ring. In person, it's even shinier and more brilliant, and it sparkles like nothing I've ever seen!



Feb 12, 2018
Congratulations on your engagement! The ring is beautiful.

I’ve never purchased from Martin before, but I did inquire about a diamond once and he was professional and kind. He’s definitely on my short list when I’m ready to get a nice, big OEC.


Feb 29, 2012
That ring is so pretty! Congratulations! We love hand shots though... lol
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