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Martin at USA Certed Diamonds is the BEST!


Apr 2, 2018
I am writing this as the recipient of one of Martin's diamonds, as I was very involved in the year long process it took to find the perfect stone. Martin is so knowledgeable, fun, and above all, honest & transparent. He is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise shady and covert industry. He truly had our best interests in mind, and didn't waiver in his help even when we were difficult customers. My fiance is a perfectionist, and wouldn't stop the search and make a purchase until he found something that met all of his stringent criteria: +/- 3.5 carats, F, VS2, triple x, no fluorescence, no clouds, no inclusions in the center, hearts and arrows, with an HCA of 0.8. We even took the stone to a diamond forensics lab in NYC because we heard from a handful of people that diamond grading can vary depending on which GIA location it's graded at. The forensics lab was blown away by the quality of the stone Martin found for us. They said the cut was even better than many Cartier and Tiffany stones.

We literally searched multiple continents and about 10 countries for our stone until we found USA Certed Diamonds. Martin stuck with us where other well-known dealers did not because they only cared about the bottom line. He even guided us through the appraisal and insurance process, when he had nothing to gain. We will make a special trip to Canada to meet our new friend Martin in person as we are so thankful for everything that he did. We will use Martin for any diamond purchases in the future, and highly recommend that you do so, too.


Dec 31, 1999
Irob...the ring came out absolutely gorgeous. May the diamond always shine bright and brilliant through good health, happiness and a great future together. All the best.
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