Looking at purchasing Tiffany Setting Ring (2 to 3ct) - Toronto Canada

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Apr 17, 2009
Hi everyone,

I am looking at purchasing an engagement ring and am obviously trying to get the best bang for the buck. My initial search has been futile. I feel that I am almost better off walking into Tiffany''s and overpaying just so I have piece of mind that I am getting exactly what I am told I am getting. I have no idea how I can guarantee authenticity from a small jeweler and have heard enough horror stories to keep me up at night!

That being said, I originally wanted to purchase a 3ct ring in the Tiffany Setting (round cut diamond). On the Tiffany''s website they list a 2.5ct ring "starting at $48,000CDN. My criteria is as follows:

1. Round Cut Diamond (as per the "Tiffany" setting)
2. Single stone on thinner band and nice setting to show off the stone (this is why I like the Tiffany Setting)
3. I want it to sparkle - I have seen too many HUGE diamonds that look cloudy and odd. I assume this means better than VG2, ideal cut, and so forth.
4. I want her to say yes (most important).

My questions are as follows:

1. What are the lowest grades Tiffany''s sells? I am assuming it will be a good quality diamond if they will attach their name to it... this question pertains to #2 below.
2. What is a reasonable price to be paying for a 3ct ring if Tiffany''s starts their 2.5ct at $48,000. What kind of markup is that? Is it reasonable to think I can get the same quality diamond and similar setting for %50 less elsewhere?

3. Where are the best places to Diamond shop in Toronto? My whole search has been on Bloor St. so far (Cartier and Tiffany''s).

Please help a guy who hates diamond shopping.

Thanks :)


Jul 25, 2005


Jan 11, 2006
Well, if you want a setting almost exactly like the classic Tiffany setting and you want a diamond that is as good or better than Tiffany has, I''d suggest looking at some of the super-ideal cut stones carried by extremely reputable vendors such as WhiteFlash and Good Old Gold. Good Old Gold is a jewelry store on Long Island NY and WF is in Houston. Mnay of us have bought from them with total satisfaction. Just do a search and you''ll find hundreds of positve testimonials. Here are some examples for you (I don''t see any between 2.5 and 3.0 carats at the moment with VS clarity):

If you want to go to SI1:

Tiffany replica setting:

Most of us here probably started looking locally and ended up buying far superior stones from vendors such as the ones above. The prices of the ideal cut stones were less than very good cut stones I found locally.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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