Just read knowledge Section, going to Tiffany today, how did I do?

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Dec 17, 2006
Just spent a few hours reading the diamond tutorial and now I have a better idea what to ask when i go to tiffany tomorrow with my fiance. So here''s what i play to do, please let me know if i need to add anything.

1. tell them to show me/find me their best cuts.

Should I tell them to find me the Ideal cuts but giving them the Tolkowsky''s stats for table, crown angel, crown height, girdle and pavilion and cutlet?

I don''t think they will have those in stock, so it might take them a few days to find them and show me. and if they d, have them print out the stats and come back and check the Holloway Cut Adviser and also post for you guys to comment.

buy an ideal-scope and check it when the diamonds come in.

My budget is 30k round a RB, and the color will be E and Vs1 or vs2.

What do you guys think?

any input or suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


Dec 31, 1999
Ezwinner701, welcome to the forum.

When you are going to Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Graff, or DeBeers you can be pretty sure you''ll get a decent cut diamond. You are paying for brand, package, experience and story - the diamonds come for free...

You of course can ask about showing you ideal cut stones but most probably they''ll tell you they only carry ideal cuts, which might be true.

I would ask to look at their certificates see if they have proportions/angles and see how far from Tolkowsky they are. Keep in mind that under their lights anything will sparkle. Ask to take a look at the window under more natural lighting conditions.

I''d also ask to look at different diamonds, not only rounds.

Enjoy it


Nov 6, 2006
Hi EZWinner and Welcome!

Sounds like you are going to have some fun! I think you are right to visit with an ideal-scope in hand. What our Administrator has said is very true - you will probably get a decent cut stone. However, the B&M may tell you all are ideal, but don''t believe them! It''s not necessarily true.

I made up a little proportion "cheat sheet" for myself when I visited B&M''s. I put the basic proportion ranges that would fall within "Ideal".

Graff showed me a diamond that had a huge table, like 65% or something. I had to look at my cheat sheet because I went through a moment of temporary confusion. I thought, "Ths is Graff, they should be showing me something with an ideal cut. Wait, am I getting depth and table mixed up? How can this be?" The sheet helped to ease my confusion - I was actually seeing a diamond that wasn''t ideal, at one of the most expensive B&M''s.


Mar 20, 2003
I''ll be interested to see what size diamond you''ll get with those specs for $30k. You could a 2 carat E VS2 hearts and arrows stone from one of the many PS vendors specializing in ideal cuts (example one ; example two) for reference.

Stone Hunter

May 12, 2006
The lighting at the Tiffany close to me seems different than all other jewelry store lighting. They even have extra lights inside the jewelry cases! It makes everything sparkle like mad. They showed me a D IF stone and when I viewed it away from the lights it had a dark spot I didn''t like. Now it''s IF so the dark spot that wasn''t symetrical must have been a cutting issue.

So be careful. Watch out for the trick lighting. And make up a cheat sheet like starryeyed said. It could keep you on track.

BUT what''s more important than numbers it what you like. So be sure you like what those RB numbers on your cheat sheet are giving you. If you don''t then adjust your numbers till the diamonds that match up with them are the diamonds that WOW you. That may take alot of looking at diamonds in person.
This is especially true if you move away from RB.
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