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It's been awhile...Christmas gift ordered, plus a watch question


Feb 18, 2011
So my wife gave me her christmas wish list and one of the ideas was "something sparkly to wear on my neck", with links to some modest 0.2 ctw diamond necklaces at Costco and some Etsy-looking jeweler's website. We bought a new house this year and all the landscaping, fence, new furniture, etc did a number on my checking account so I couldn't afford to go too big, but I suspect she'll like the half carat(ish) BGD signature H&A and halo pendant I just ordered (stone and setting pictures attached). Geeking out on this stuff for the first time since our wedding in 2012 was fun. I should probably start saving now for whatever I'll want to do for our 10 year anniversary.

The question is a bit of a hail mary, I'm not expecting much but it doesn't hurt to ask. A couple of friends of ours are hoping to tie the knot one of these years and the guy doing the proposing is looking for one particular watch to do so with that's apparently difficult to find from an authorized dealer, a Rolex Submariner "Hulk". I told him I knew of a website where people discussed such things and I'd see if there were any suggestions. Looking around on my own, it appears basically all Submariners are snapped up instantly for resale on the grey market at huge markups, thus authorized dealers don't even advertise what limited stock they receive. The articles I've read about how to shop within this mess all appear satirical. Does anyone here have any suggestions for buying one new, from an official Rolex retailer, so they can get this proposal knocked out and the wedding planning started?



Oct 11, 2018
The only real hope at easily getting one of those green subs new from a Rolex AD is to know somebody who knows somebody. If you've purchased from your AD before, better. If you've happened to drop a lot of money at an AD before, even better.

Barring that, still very low chances but worth a shot is to snoop around some Rolex ADs internationally. A friend of mine got his in Singapore, and they had two. But, quite a few folks are becoming wise to this strategy, so it's not guaranteed by any stretch.

Otherwise as an avid watch enthusiast and owner I'm not really sure what to tell you I'm afraid. You have to get lucky. :(

Looking forward to hearing about the adventure though, and I'll have my fingers crossed for your friend.
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