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Is rose gold durable enough for ering?


Jun 14, 2008
I am so in love with rose gold... And how it looks on my very fair skintone. I'm strongly considering it for my ering reset and eternity ring addition. I've only had experience with the wear of platinum. I know gold wears differently and loses metal over time. Do you think settings made of rose gold are durable enough to hold up for a lifetime of wear? Which would be stronger, 14k vs 18k? I'm especially interested in hearing from any of you who wear a rose gold band daily.


Oct 5, 2010
I think it's a fine choice for everyday wear (like you, I LOVE the way it looks on my skin), but it will wear differently than platinum, certainly, but also the other gold colors because it is mainly alloyed with copper. For me, after a polish, it takes 1-2 weeks to acquire an "I wear it" look, and then it stays there until I feel like re-polishing, which brings it right back up. It doesn't bother me, but I am not super sensitive to the worn-in look (less shiny, some surface wear, but no gauges, chinks, major discoloration) either.

14K will be more scratch resistant, in all colors, because it has less pure gold than 18K, but it will also take on more of the color properties of the alloy. 14K rose is too pink for me; I prefer the subtly of 18K.

Hope that helps!
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