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Is an altenating plat and rose gold bezel band possible?


Jun 14, 2008
I've been looking at many possibilities for a band to celebrate our upcoming 5 year anniversary. One possibility high on my list is a 3/4 bezel eternity band with alternating stone shapes or sizes. I'm looking at diamond and sapphire bezel bands but think I would like a ring with perhaps more subtle color.I love rose gold and was exploring the idea of an alternating bezel band with platinum and rose gold bezeled diamonds. I’ve never seen such a band but recently found something similar in rose and white gold at Fay Cullen here:

Would it be possible to make a bezel band with platinum and rose gold? I know nothing about how you would join the metals or if this would be possible. Also, I know that you are not supposed to wear gold next to platinum. My e-ring and wedding band are platinum. How significant would the wear be between the metals? I’m wondering if I designed the ring so that the platinum bezels were wider, and the rose gold ones were smaller, it might avoid the direct contact that would cause damage.
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