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Interview Series - Etsy seller Diamondsrensu


Nov 16, 2015
I am copying over the latest interview I did with Ankit from Diamondsrensu.

Thank you for taking the time Ankit to speak to us on r/moissanite. We have seen your company, Diamondsrensu, mentioned a few times with positive review’s recently and we like to highlight some of those companies here.

Tell us a little bit about how you got started. Did you work in the diamond trade before starting your own company on etsy after the patent ran out in 2015 from Charles & Colvard?

Yes, I used to cut and polish natural diamond’s in Surat, India before I started to sell moissanite’s through my own company on Etsy in late 2017. In this short time, we have had more than 1200 sales.

Do you consider yourself a wholesale business or is custom moissanite rings and jewelry the main focus of your business?

I consider myself a custom loose moissanite & moissanite jewelry designer first. We do also sell wholesale to a few of the US based jewelers as well though.

I noticed on your etsy page that a customer can request any type of cut. Are you cutting your own moissanite stones from rough?

Yes, that is true. We can cut and polish our own moissanite and therefore we are able to cut and polish any shape and size of moissanite based on the customer requirements.

I know we spoke a bit about the different types of moissanite rough (4h sic vs 6h sic). You mentioned that many of your customer’s don’t even know what this means but we talk a lot about this a lot on our sub. There have been some issues with tint and the moissanite oil slick with the older rough. Which kind of rough are you using?

We use both 6H and 4H moissanite rough. There are times that we have a client that has come to us and said that the moissanites’s are too white and they feel they can look fake. Some people still actually prefer the sparkle and the very light yellow hue of the older moissanite rough.

What has been your favorite moissanite cut so far? Can a customer request any sort of shape?

Emerald and cushion cut’s have been my favorite shapes. Yes, the customer can send us a message through etsy and request any shape and we will do it for them.

If a customer ask’s for the most diamond like cut, what do you usually suggest?

For whatever shape they request, I think it should have a little warmth if they want it to look like a diamond.

Crushed ice cuts have been very popular on this sub but people often times say they can look milky. What’s your opinion on the crushed ice cuts compared to the brilliant or antique cuts in moissanite?

I personally do not like crushed ice moissanite. You will find very few of them in our etsy store or on our website. I personally prefer the regular brilliant and old cuts in moissanite.

Thin pave shanks have also been very popular for some time now. What is the thinnest you are willing to go on a shank with pave? We usually suggest nothing lower then 1.8 mm on this sub because of the risk of losing pave. This advice is usually given if the rings are purchased abroad as it can be difficult to find jewelers to work on them more locally.

The thinnest pave we have worked on is 1.30 mm and the stones were 1.0 mm round cut. That is the most dainty band that we are currently making. As you said, we also do not recommend having the band width less then 1.50 mm in rings.

I see a lot of unusual cuts on your etsy page like the Diamond, the Whistler, and a Hexagon OEC. Where do you get your design inspiration?

Everyone is doing the same thing. Many sellers are already making the same cuts but I personally like to introduce a little twist and create something new and unique. That's the reason I cut so many antique cuts recently, which we have named the ’Rensu Cut’. It will be available in all shapes like Cushion, Oval, Round, Pear, Radiant and few others. We have made cuts called the Elephant Tooth Cut and Spear Cut recently too. People are getting very attracted to the ’Spear’ cut already! [Unique Cuts](

What color moissanites do you offer and are any of them coated? I don’t see any of the canary colors in your etsy shop.

We only use the colored moissanite that is not coated. You will never find Pink, Canary Yellow, Dark Blue and other colors in our etsy store or online because they are treated and enhanced and just not durable. We have Light Yellow, Light Grey, Dark Green, Cyan Blue, Champagne, Orange and Black as these are the only ones that are available in real forms of moissanite to us.

Does your gold contain nickel? Can you tell us what type of platinum alloy you use?

The regular recipe includes the nickel but now a days we get requests to make it without the nickel for those with skin sensitivity. So no, we do not have nickel in our gold. For platinum, the alloy is 95% platinum (PT950) and the remaining is 5% Copper, Cobalt, Ruthenium, Palladium and Rhodium.

What has been your favorite trend in moissanite fashion?

Three stone rings, OEC earrings and colored moissanite rings are the biggest trends right now in moissanite jewelry.

What has been your favorite custom ring that you have made so far?

We did a vintage style OEC ring with milgrain all over and a cushion hidden halo pave set that has also been one of my favorite’s.

You have several ring designs that I have not seen from any other company. Where does your design inspiration come from?

Many times the client has the design idea in mind and then we create a ring design for them with their inspirations. If they share one idea, we like to rethink and redesign 3-4 ideas for them before we create the ring. A lot of these single ideas create 3-4 new inspired styles of jewelry that we also bring to life. When working with a customer though, we always start with the stone and then build the ring around the moissanite. [Unique Ring Designs](

Will you be offering any larger lab diamonds for center stones or lab diamond pave in the future?

No, right now we are only focused on moissanites.

Some people worry about ordering rings outside North America or Europe but at the same time, they are also interested in cost savings. How long does it take for shipping and do you ship worldwide? Do you also use DHL Express Services?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. The economy shipping through USPS takes 17-19 days for delivery. With Express shipping through DHL, it is $35 and that usually makes it in 5 days.

What happens if the ring or piece of jewelry arrives and there is a problem with it? Is there any way to send it back for repairs?

Yes, if there is any problem with the rings or any other piece of jewelry, we will make a completely new one and send it to them again. We do not take returns in India as the import duty is high here. If any one does not want the ring any longer, we accept the return within 21 days from the date of delivery and will make a full refund. If it is a customized order, we will make a partial refund of 75% and 25% of the labour costs we will keep.

What has surprised you the most about working with the Western market?

The people in the West seem to care less about the price of a ring. What they want is something beautiful and a 100% perfect. They are much more detail oriented people.

Do you offer your moissanites on other platform’s?

I do sell on Etsy and eBay ( have also recently started selling on my personal website )

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your company

The use of moissanite is growing day by day. People are becoming more aware of it as a diamond alternative. It is very economical and environmentally friendly.

Thank you for your participation!

Diamondsrensu can be found on etsy and also on


Mar 21, 2019
Ankit made me a ring. I wanted a .50 European cut and he nailed it. In low light, it has all the charm of a very old diamond, and set in sterling it was extremely affordable. Plus he was so nice to deal with. He does all sorts of unusual cuts as well. I would get another from him in a heartbeat.


Mar 23, 2013
I have oec cut earrings from them. I don't super love the setting- the prongs are more of a pointed tab v claw, but it's what was shown. It's my personal preference for claw. I wear them almost daily.


Nov 16, 2015
Lovely interview as always! Thank you for posting it!
Thanks. I haven’t tried them myself but I am trying to expand the vendor list on Reddit and get some background on these vendors. There isn’t always a lot of information on etsy. I think people should expect warmer colors from him vs some of what I have seen from the Chinese vendors.


Mar 21, 2019
For what it's worth, the half ct. OEC I got from Ankit looks like a G - H. I can't see any tint, even from the side.
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