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Happy Camper

Apr 18, 2007
Hi, everyone. I''ve searched the forum and couldn''t find any posts on this topic. I live in the UK and want to buy a diamond and ring from The lot no. is 11828038 and the ring no. is sm1514.

The problem is that they don''t accept international credit cards, only cheques or wire transfers. I don''t feel comfortable paying using either of these because there''s nothing stopping them from simply keeping my money and not posting out the ring. In the US, I''m sure you have rights and people to go to, but it would be much easier for them to ''stiff'' me from all the way across the Atlantic. By the way, no offense to cutratediamonds or anyone else, it''s just that they have a huge incentive ($4K, to be exact) to not send the ring.

Has anyone used these payment types before? Truth be told, I have the cash to pay for the ring (every penny to my name); the only reason I want to pay by credit card is so I can use a chargeback if they don''t send the ring.

I noticed that WhiteFlash also sell the same diamond? Has anyone used them internationally? The only company I found that allows international credit card payments is bluenileUK, but their diamonds are twice as expensive.

Thanks, everyone. Any help at all is appreciated.


Mar 24, 2007
Hi HappyCamper,

I certainly understand your concerns...

We live in Canada and we found that we had to just bite the bullet and use an international wire transfer when we purchased from Good Old Gold. I''m not sure about the company you''ve been dealing with, but I would feel pretty good about dealing with anyone at GOG or Whiteflash or the other vendors that are regularly recommended on this site. The personal contact that we can make on this forum really elevates the feeling of personal trust over the course of the transaction (at least for me).

I hope that helps!


Jan 30, 2007
Hi Happy Camper,

I can''t speak about cutratediamonds but I live in Canada and I used WF for my e-ring and while I paid for part of my ring by wire I paid for the rest on cc and it was absolutely no problem I have paypal (not sure if you have this in the UK but should) on the cc so there is recourse should the item not be sent but I was not too worried and now with reason can say I have every confidence in WF they are a GREAT company to buy any jewelry item from!
Hope this helps, good luck with your purchase


Dec 30, 2006
Hi Happycamper,

I am in the UK too. I have decided to use Whiteflash to make my custom design ring. I will be paying them by wire transfer. I am very comfortable with this - mind you I have taken time to communicate with them over the last couple of months. They have an excellent reputation on Pricescope and they have very many happy customers.

I would encourage you to get to know your vendor properly - ask around on here to see if anyone has dealt with them before.

Good luck!!


[email protected]

Feb 24, 2007
I live in Ireland and I was very comfortable wiring the money for the engagement ring we bought from the States. The money is traceable and shouldn''t get lost. In terms of the vender not shipping the diamond to you...don''t think that happens. Use a vender who will insure the diamond as it travels across the world into your hands. I remember once my diamond was dispatched, I was immediately given my fedex tracking number. The vendor should take full responsibility for any loss until it reaches your hands, so no worries there!
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