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Input on Prop Ideas Please


Jun 22, 2014
Wanting some input on a few ideas I'm playing with... quick background: been dating for almost 4 years, have been talking about getting married for at least 2 of the almost 4 years. I'll be honest and say that I'm a slow mover; not that I don't want to be with her, I do... I just, take more time to do things. So... she's been getting more and more frustrated as time has gone on, her friends are all getting engaged, etc. I want it all to be fun, exciting, surprising, etc. but she just wants to be engaged already! So... rather than dragging my feet, unable to make decisions, trying to figure out some super unique way to pop the Q, I've come up with some simpler ideas that'd I'd like input on.

1. Go to a park with her dog for a walk with a big hill in middle. Smuggle box in pocket, climb to top of hill where there's a bench. Evening time, maybe not sunset quite yet. Sit around for a bit and then just get up in front of her and pop the Q. - Seems pretty easy, straight forward, low risk, hopefully private if nobody else at top of hill.

2. The dog's name is Jewels. Sometimes walking in this park we let dog off leash and run free when no people are around. Idea would be that when people are in the area, I would get the dog back on leash and clip with a small carabiner clip the ring to dog's collar. After people pass by and no people in area, she'd go to let the dog run free and hopefully find the ring. Thinking I could maybe already be on a knee "holding" dog somehow. Make some kinda joke about a jewel for her on Jewels (the dog), pop the Q. - This seems more "unexpected", but also a lot riskier. Not sure about hanging her new ring on the dog, if she'd see it or not, if I could get it clipped onto collar without notice, and if I could get into position on a knee. Written out, this doesn't seem like a great idea...

3. Same as #1 but I've pre-written with sporting spray chalk paint in grass on back side of hill "Marry me?" or something, walk up front of hill, when she sees it or when I say "what's that?", pop the Q. - Seems decent, maybe corny? Not sure if I can spray chalk on grass in park, and I'd have to do it before and convince her to go to park that evening.

4. Get a sparkly diamond dog collar for dog, attach ring to it, awkwardly pull it out of pocket at park and say I got it for her, then she sees the ring, pop the Q. - Seems strange, never have bought her dog a collar or really anything else before.

I don't really want to pop the Q at home as my home isn't going to be ours for a long time, the park should be there for a long time (hopefully). Also have a canoe that people have suggested I do it in the water, but seems too dangerous, not worth dumping the canoe over and losing the ring! Don't want to do it in a restaurant...

I haven't come up with any super outrageous ways to do it that seem to be the "norm" these days and I don't really want to wait any longer. I'm excited to give her the ring, it's beautiful!



Jun 14, 2014
Hey Mike,

Glad to hear plans are moving forward. I know it can be a lot to consider, and it's certainly easy to overthink things. (I actually just popped the question myself last night. Thread is here if it sparks any ideas: [URL=''][/URL])

Personally, I like your #1 the best of those options. The dog thing, to me, seems a little risky. That's an important thing to tie to a dog! Plus unless Jewels is a big and important symbol of your relationship, I'd consider keeping it low key on that aspect.

The area sounds pretty from how you describe it. Does it have any special meaning for you two? Is it sentimental at all? And if not, is it a kind of place or idea where you can make it meaningful in the future for you two?

I sure know the feeling about not wanting to wait after getting the ring! It is tough! :lol:

You know her better than anyone. A ring isn't just a piece of jewelry: it's a symbol of what has been and what will be. Some women don't like public proposals and I think it's smart to avoid that unless you know already it's what she'd want. A restaurant is arguably banal if it's not a special one for you two already.

Everyone has outlets for stress, and like to enjoy themselves in different ways. Does she like trying new things? Adventure and excitement? Living on the edge? I went sky-diving with my gal and it was a blast. If that activity for us had been now instead of then, a proposal probably would have been after landing. ("I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If you jump out of a plane, I will jump out after you." Or something.)

Does she like to relax and do nothing when she's stressed? Veg and not have to make decisions? Then keep things cool and simple. Everyone's different.

I've heard lots of engagement stories. Often the ones where the guy or girl laments it wasn't what they were hoping for is when the guy does something out of character. She loves you for you. Be yourself and do what feels natural. :wavey:
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