I picked up a Paraiba YAG from Gene - to set in yellow or rose gold?

Kristen L

Jan 16, 2021
Love the vibrant colors. I missed it, where's the setting from?

Hi! the setting is from Amcor Designs. I could not find my specific setting on their website, so I included the etsy link. it might be cheaper if you message them through the website and skip etsy due to the fees.


Double E

Jun 23, 2018
You know, I just emailed him the face dimensions, I didn’t even think about the depth. I am glad it worked out!

I found and emailed him through Etsy since he has a store there. My sister saw my setting and ordered through Etsy also. When we had a ring made for my mom, he sent us an invoice just from his store directly and there was a nice discount without the Etsy fees (he’s in NY, clear across the country from us).

I am including pics from my sister and mom’s rings, a lab electric cobalt and a lab pink sapphire, all cut by Gene and setting by Alberto of Amcor Design in rose gold.


Very vibrant all three stone! May I know when did you or your family buy the pink sapphire from Gene? As I am having one from him, and wanna get an idea how the pink material he offers might change over time.


May 25, 2020

The lab stones really do sparkle indoors. The spinel is the electric cobalt one from Gene and for some reasons looks more muted in photos but it’s quite bold. We all wore our rings for a family shoot, and my mom was hesitant at first and said we shouldn’t have spent money for her but she wouldn’t take it off thereafter LOL! CB66BCC5-23AE-4844-981D-06F460E3DE87.jpeg F62EA6BA-4EE0-4623-94DA-8BFDC8150DA9.jpeg 31864DB2-FADE-469E-A0DE-487E59592152.jpeg 8A406F38-A5A3-42EE-8463-7AAABA8C828F.jpeg

All 3 look amazing and pop in their own way. You must be so thrilled with how they turned out. I love how you have the same ring but in different colours.
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