I finally found a diamond for my ER!


Mar 13, 2016
So after several months I finally found my diamond that will be used in my engagement ring. I had originally thought I wanted an oval and had searched high and low for one, then just last week, I randomly tried on a pear and fell in love! I started to do all my research on pears, and decided I wanted around a 2 carat, G or better, SI or better, ex/ex polish and symmetry, and 1.45-1.55 length to width ratio. I went to two jewelers who showed me some stones. What I ended up with, was a diamond that threw out most of what I thought I wanted! The last jeweler showed me 7 diamonds all in a temp mount, without the GIAs first, so I was unbiased with what I saw. I immediately threw out one stone because the ratio was too big…but as I kept going through the stones, I kept seeing the longer pear shinning out of the corner of my eye. So I went back it again and again. On paper, it wasn’t perfect. It was actually a G SI2, and the depth was 66%, so I was worried about light loss. The length to width was a 1.67, MUCH larger than I liked. But as I kept looking at this stone, I could not deny it was the most white and sparkly stone of all the ones there (they ranged in E-H color, VS1-S12, some ex/ex some ex/vg). The facet pattern was amazing (showing a bit of crushed ice look not only in the tip!) Although it is a bit longer and thinner than I like, our ring designer will “bulk out” the bottom a bit to make it look more like a 1.5 ratio. So, I decided that I could not deny the beauty of this stone, and we bought it! So, after that rant, here it is in all it’s glory!!! We are waiting for the CAD to assess. I am having made a delicate double edged halo, with 6 pave struts that will be under the stone, and a 2mm pave band. I will follow up as needed 

Carat: 2.17
Color: G
Clarity SI2 (inclusion is one crystal and one needle)
Ratio 1.67
Symmetry: VG
Polish: Ex
Fluor: None
Table: 58%
Depth: 66%
Girdle: Thick to very thick
Almost no bow tie

MORAL OF THE STORY: although I hate to admit that others were right, it is so true that you have to see a pear in person and not rely on just the numbers and the GIA. I would have passed this stone by in a heart beat just looking at the GIA, and instead fell in love with it in person, sans ASET, Ideoscope, or Sarin (which went against all I said I would need to buy a stone)!!!!!!!!




May 27, 2013
Congrats! It's lovely and has great coverage on your finger too! :love:


Aug 8, 2005
Looks like you found a true winner.

Shopping by sight for fancies, when you live in an area that allows you to have decent selection, is best.


Mar 27, 2016
It's so great that you got to see so many in person. That helps so much. You picked a beautiful stone! Congrats.
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