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How to assess the cut of a transitional diamond ?


Nov 5, 2016
Hello fellow, PS:ers! I'm a long time lurker here, posting for the first time. My love for diamonds started when my fiancé and I were engagement ring hunting a few years ago. I ended up with a modest GIA D VS1 triple x stone. I have continued educating my self about diamonds online (this happens to be my favourite forum) and IRL since then. Fast forward 4 years, I have discovered antique cute and find them far more easy on the eye than modern cut "perfect" stones. Earlier this year, I bought an M (faint brown) old mine cut diamond ring which I wear more often than my engagement ring (I am now married), and I simply LOVE its pillowy shape and chunky faceting.
There's a jewellery auction coming up in late november with a few old cut stones, and among them, a transitional cut diamond ring caught my eye. I intend to see it first hand soon, but some input from knowledgable PS:ers would be very helpful! It is a 1.35 carat, I colour, VS2 stone in a simple platinum setting. The stone is uncerted. I will try to attach pictures from the jeweller's website. Any thoughts about the quality of the cut/potential beauty of the stone?



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