How is this double eternity ring constructed?


Jun 28, 2006
Starting to understand the look I'm going for with my Anniversary ring project. I can't figure out how this ring is constructed and was wondering if seasoned forum members could enlighten me.

It's a double halo that is slightly graduated. Does this feature give it the softer edge? Is tapering even necessary?

It was described as actually a three row because there are tiny diamonds in between the larger ones. The diamonds are larger than your typical pave multi row ring. It's also not as much of a dome shape but softer than most doubles I've seen. If I were to guess, the larger stones were 0.04 pt. with maybe 0.025 in between. I'm guessing the width was about 5mm.

I liked the thickness of the width for me and I like the completed look with a cushion halo as well as having very little metal visible.
The halo ring seemed like perfect proportions for me. I like larger stones and this ring was stand alone so I could wear it alone or with the band.

The only other multiple row eternity I could find close to this was from Hearts on Fire.

I would welcome suggestions because this look seems to be the perfect blend of bling and finger coverage. I still struggle with the halo since everyone says not to do it but I'd rather do the halo and remove it later if I feel the need.

Thanks again,
Mrs T






Apr 2, 2006
It's prong set, with the three rows of stones set very close together. This close setting, plus the fact that the diamonds extend beyond the metal on the edges, give it that "wall o' diamonds" look. I think the diamonds are set very low in a metal lattice that you don't see, which is then held off the finger with the lattice that you do see. (The lattice that's got the prongs, and that's holding the diamonds, is in effect "inside" the ring and obscured by the outer lattice.) Many jewelers hate working on diamonds that are set so closely together because it's very easy to chip the stones while setting them. My guess is that the whole design is tapered for comfort. I also suspect maintenance, should anything happen to one of the stones, would be a nightmare - but that's strictly a guess and an expert will probably set me straight there!

BGD's "Aurora" design is similar, though not nearly as intricate. It might also be more suitable for everyday wear, though - so it might be a starting point if you're looking to get something similar made.”-custom-platinum-signature-diamond-band…/


Dec 3, 2011
I don't really have anything to add as far as the construction of the ring... I just wanted to say that it is STUNNING!! :love: :love:
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