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Help with Loose Diamond for Tacori Setting


Dec 8, 2016
I will be getting this setting in white gold size 4.75 (she is between a 4.5 and 5 on the standard ring sizers that Jewelers use to size people in store (I'm assuming this would be the right size at least). I was originally set on getting a diamond in a brick and mortar store, but have found what seem to be better deals on James Allen. I'm requesting help from all the experts here regarding how I should procure my diamond.

$3310 James Allen .92ct

$3090 James Allen .9ct (5.17% PriceScope Discount brings it to $2930)

$3482 Kassab Jewelers B&M .9ct GIA GIA Cert#: 7243095136

$3100 Kassab Jewelers B&M .9ct GIA Cert #: 6241093709

My main concern with the James Allen is that I can't see how warm the J color is in natural light. For the .9ct James Allen, it has a strong blue fluorescence, which I have read whitens out the J color. If you had to pick a diamond given my priorities, which would you go with (if any) and why?

My Prioritization (based on discussion of gf's preferences):
1. Weight: .9-1.1ct
2. Cut: Excellent (2 or less on Hollow cut scale)
3. Clarity: Vs1-SI1
4. Color: i-J

Let me know if you have any questions!


Jan 11, 2006
I don't really like the cut on the .9 J VS1. And you can't count on the fluorescence making the stone look whiter in many lighting environments. The .92 has obvious black inclusions. I really recommend I color because you often can see the tint in a modern round in J color. But you'd have to go down in size to get I color.

Unfortunately they don't have any I color ones just under .90, because you will save money as there is a big price jump at .90. But here are a couple of good ones in the .80 range. (this one is higher because it is a better cut, but I am posting it as an example of what you want your diamond image to look like)

Actually, Whiteflash prices seem to be as good as James Allen when you compare hearts and arrows cut stones. And WF is usually thought of as stricter in their requirements for their top stones. These are in-house stones. They are also Tacori dealers.

They also have an excellent J color stone if you decide the size is more important than the color:
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