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Help me pick a cushion or oval as center stone


Apr 20, 2011
I’m planning to upgrade my e-ring to a three stone ring and would like some advice on the choice of center stone. I would like to do the upgrade before my wedding next summer but the conversion rate between my currency (Sweden) and dollar is ridiculously low right now so I’m leaning towards a not so distant purchase.

At the moment, my budget in dollar is 2700 for a center stone and a side stone.

My problem is that my current stone has quite high specs so that it is really hard to match it with a larger center stone in my budget range. It is a AGS H&A 0.45 Ct H VS2 4.9*4.93*3.03mm.

A similar side stone would cost around 800 leaving me with 1900 for the center stone. My favourite would be a cushion cut followed by an oval. RB’s are also ok but I think the size I would need (~6.2 mm) is out of budget. I would like the width of the stone to be larger than the side stones so around 5.5 mm and then hopefully a bit over 6 mm in length. Based on some drawings in photoshop, I would need that area to make the center stone pop.

So how can I achieve that within my budget? An eye clean SI would be enough but I don’t want to sacrifice anything on the cut. To make this possible, I need to drop the color and here is where I need a lot of advice. I would use platinum or wg for the setting and I don’t think I’m very picky about color in general. However I’m afraid I will create a very easily detectable difference between the stones. I have watched this video about comparing an H RB to J and K, and honestly I can’t really see a big difference unless looking from the side against a white background. How often will I do that :rolleyes: But these are all ideally cut and I have no clue how much more color a fancy cut diamond would add. Also it is really hard to determine if a cushion or oval has an ideal cut from the specs. Has a cushion or oval more tendencies to show color than the other, or are they similar?

I’ve also heard that fluorescence can act positively on the color so does anyone have a clue about if medium or strong fluorescence could “save” a J or K stone? I’ve been eyeing this stone which I think have a nice appeal (and area)

Is there any more type of information that James Allen can provide about the quality of the cut? Could they provide idealscope images of cushions if I ask? ASET?

I’ve also looked at these two that have higher clarity but less fluorescence.

Do you think I would make a terrible choice picking any of these K coloured stones? Any input is appreciated :razz:


Apr 4, 2010
I think you would notice the difference between a K center stone and H side stones. what about a 3-stone ring with only a slight graduation?
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