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Help finding a ~2ct lab diamond


Nov 11, 2020
Hi everyone! I’m new to the diamond world, and the man made diamond world, and I’m looking for assistance with finding a great center stone for my engagement ring. It will be set in platinum in the “Lynne Solitaire” by CvB, which I am head over heels about.

I first considered an OEC, because I absolutely love the style of the cut. But we needed to re-evaluate our budget a bit and for the size I want vintage diamonds are just out of my range. I looked into AVR as an alternative, but I can’t find much on pricing on the Distinctive Gem website. From what I can tell it appears those may be way out of budget as well. So that leaves me with looking for a round lab diamond. I’ve been grazing Rare Carat, Clean Origin and Ritani but I’m having a hard time figuring out what makes a good diamond, other than the 4 C’s and all that.

I’d really like something in the 1.9-2.1ct range, near colorless (a little warmth is okay though) and “eye clean” and of course ideal cut. I’d like to stay under than $10k if possible. What should I be looking for other than the 4 C’s? Could anyone give me an example of a great diamond in that price range with those specs?

Any help or assistance is much appreciated, all of this is so overwhelming. I’ve been trying to read up about diamonds online and it’s like an information overload. Haha. Thanks so much in advance everyone, you guys are awesome!


Jun 10, 2020
If you’re still interested in an OEC you might want to contact Tianyu or Ouros to see what they have as far as OEC MMD or even moissanite.

For round brilliants, cut is king. Rarecarat is a helpful tool because I believe you can specify cut a lot more in your search. You should spend some time looking at the knowledge and resource pages on PS and read through the forum here a bit. The HCA is a free tool to help you evaluate cut once you narrow down your search. Some additional considerations I’d keep in mind for lab diamonds is that they tend to show brown tint in the lower colors, rather than yellow like most mined diamonds would. Since you want a near colorless stone I wouldn’t go below G and even then you want to look closely at pictures and video. Also, stria (internal graining) is more common and can be problematic, so you want to keep an eye on those zoomed-in pictures to make sure the stone is crisp.

Edit: Here are some resources to help you think more about cut. Honestly just spend some time reading the forum.
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Jan 7, 2012
You may want to inquire with Alex Park at ParksFineGroupInc on Instagram. He and his partners have a good quantity of 4 ct rough in MMD. He soon will be making me a pair of "perfect" 3 cttw MMD OEC studs, F color and VS quality. But, he can have a diamond made to your specs whether it's MRB, OEC or some other cut. He's been making Movals lately, another cut I covet.

I wasn't happy with the HCA numbers on the 3 EX MRBs he initially got for me. I found an ACA and ran the numbers on the HCA and they were good so I sent them to him and he said that it would be no problem. He did give me quite the education when I had initially decided that I wanted Super Ideal MRB studs, both in words and with videos of actual stones he had or was able to source. What I was left with was that anything higher that G color will likely have a funky tinge to it, and often time the inclusions are black, hence my color and clarity choices for my OEC studs. I changed to OECs because I love chunky flashes.

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