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Help! Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant... Real or Fake?

Jun 21, 2016
Hi guys! Wondering if anyone can help. I received an Elsa Peretti Tiffany's Open Heart pendant necklace as a gift from an ex around 2004/05-ish. The stamp doesn't look like any of the current ones, or even the ones that are supposed to be fake. Can anyone help me ID this? I don't know if it's just an older style stamp.

I've attached pictures of the chain as well, it doesn't have the double ovals, and the clasp is different. But knowing me (and I had a jewelry line at the time, so lots of findings and wirecuttrs) I wouldn't have put it past myself to cut and switch out the clasps because A. I hate those tiny toggle clasps, and B. I only liked 16" chains since they hit my clavicle. The 18" that comes with this 27mm heart would've been too long for my taste.

But I also wouldn't put it past that ex to buy a fake! He DID however buy me a real Return to Sender heart tag necklace the next year - I only know because I went to Tiffany's with him to pick it out. I want to sell the Peretti, but want to make sure it's real. Thx guys!






Oct 21, 2013
Its a little hard to tell just from the pic. Looks real to me, but that could be a 50/50 because its just a picture. I would take it to a professional just to be sure.
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