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Having a local jeweler set diamonds purchased online


May 15, 2012
Hello i am thinking about ordering 2 diamonds from an online vendor and taking it to a local jeweler (Ben Bridge) who will charge me $168 to buy their 3 prong martini setting and mount the diamonds on them for free. I really liked the 3 prong martini earring setting they had and i wanted to buy their setting only. Thing is, Ben Bridge informed me that they actually do not sell just their 3 prong martini earring settings but they will take it to their jeweler who will sell me a very identical piece. They are willing to sell it to me and mount the diamonds i give them for $168. If i pay extra $50, they will provide me with rhodium plating, cleaning, and checking the prongs each time i take it for free.

My question is, is it a good idea to take the stones and have another jeweler mount it? Can they crack or mess up the diamond? What recourse do i have if they mess up the diamonds that i bought online? I will appreciate any feedback i get. Thanks


Sep 15, 2014
This could create a huge hassle or it could go smoothly. Can't you have the diamond vendor set the stones for you? I would suggest you have the stones insured prior to taking them to set and be sure to get something from Ben Bridge with an acknowledgement of your exact stones in writing. It's best to pay a bit more and have the stones set by the vendor you purchased them from. Sometimes trying to save a few dollars can create a huge problem. Just my opinion.
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