Harry Winston platinum palladium alloy? Is this true?


Oct 18, 2015
I started my eternity ring search this week and have gone to every store in my city. Most salespeople were not at all knowledgeable. About stones or alloys. Some tried to answer but most just lied and said it wasn't important and then talked about 95% purity being the only thing that I needed to know.

So the lovely man at HW tried to find out and asked pretty much every employee there. He came back with 'it's alloyed with gold - and I asked him to quadruple check because I was surprised 95/5 plat /gold alloy was used because it is not super strong.

So finally he says HW uses 950 plat and 50 palladium.

Isn't this also too soft alloy for such a high price tag? A small prong set eternity was double the tiffany price

it's HV rating is 70, making it one of the least least hard alloys available. it's also less dense than most.

Any experts or people who have been told differing info care to clarify for me?

I'm Confused! Thanks
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