Great experience with Old World Diamonds


Dec 11, 2012
I've been wearing my beautiful OEC that Adam sold me from Old World Diamonds now for a year and a half in a custom halo ring setting that I had made. I had set a less than stellar pink sapphire as the central stone, thinking that I could be happy with it, but finally we came to the decision that it was time to just invest the money into a great diamond for it. Adam was a good salesman, not pushy, patient, willing to deal a little bit, and made the whole transaction across the country via mail very easy. I tried to work with some vendors here in California first, some of whom wouldn't even return phone messages or emails. I'm glad I found Adam through Pricescope. I finally decided that I wanted a real antique stone, not a modern day cut OEC, as I liked the idea of an antique stone with a history and one that was cut by hand and so was like no other. The cut of my stone may not be technically perfect, but it's still gorgeously beautiful, a little over 2 carats, I color, and the fact that old cut OEC's are like snowflakes makes them even more romantic to me. My stone totally makes my ring, which I had made with smaller OEC's for the halo that a jeweler sourced for me for the ring. I can't recommend Old World Diamonds enough as the best place to go to if you want a genuine antique cut diamond, not a modern day repro cut.
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