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Jun 2, 2016
I was tempted by a FB add for a new "design your own" jewelry site
I designed a "champagne sapphire" ring. Based on the price ($1440 for a ring with a 10x8 champagne sapphire), this has to be a created sapphire. However, nowhere on the website can I find any reference to this. The closest to any info is, "We offer a wide selection of gemstones that span many different color palettes and range from natural precious and semi-precious stones to lab grown gemstones." I have nothing against created stones (I own several), but I was curious if there was any regulation about letting people know stone type. Could a store just claim that something is a sapphire when it is a created sapphire? I usually purchase from pricescope recommended sources, so perhaps I am a little naive? DeBeers has invested in Gemist, so I am somewhat surprised that they seem a little casual about the distinction between genuine and lab created. Is this something to be watching out for?
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