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Final Decision - Narrowed to Three Diamonds - Help Me Pick!


Nov 12, 2016
I'm pretty sure the phrase "analysis paralysis" was invented just for me! This community has been superbly helpful in my other two posts, so I'm hoping you can help me see past my own foggy head and make a final decision. The goal was to find a very well cut princess diamond at least 1.5ct and VS2 or higher. We were fine with J color. Knowing that, I've narrowed down to these three AGS000 diamonds:

First up, Whiteflash with a 1.517ct VS2.

Dimensions look good, but I'm not an expert at the IdealScope/ASET images. The only thing that bugs me on this one is the inclusion right in the middle of the table. Whiteflash pulled it and said it was eye clean, but I'm on the fence and maybe I'm looking for "mind clean". Am I crazy?

Second up is Whiteflash again, with a 1.536ct VS1 this time.

Much cleaner and no inclusions on the table, but it does have a big one on the side. But who looks at that? Beyond the price being higher, my only concern with this one is the feather that appears to be near one of the corners. From what I've read, that can be a concern in princess cut stones. True/false? Again, I'm no expert, but does the IdealScope look better on this one?

Last but not least is James Allen with a 1.72ct VS2.

This one certainly wins the size prize, but again it has an inclusion right in the middle of the table. Not to mention two on the side again. They don't have an IdealScope, but they emailed me the ASET they had on file. Is it just a bad image or does it just look dull? 2003480aset.jpg

Of course, this is the one my wife wants most due to the size, but I want to make sure it has good sparkle/brilliance and would hope the AGS000 rating would assure that, but the ASET concerns me.

Regardless of the stone, they'll be set in a simple solitaire with V tips like this one.

Appreciate any thoughts from this wonderful community! Hoping to make the final purchase tonight or tomorrow. Thanks all! :D


Jan 11, 2006
Re: Final Decision - Narrowed to Three Diamonds - Help Me Pi

I personally prefer Whiteflash due to their excellent trade-in (upgrade) policy. However, I am going to say that I would not go below I color in a princess cut. I can easily see the tint in a J, and the brightness of a higher color is just more attractive to me in a modern cut like the princess. So I would encourage you to look at I VS2. VS2 is almost always eyeclean. These images are super magnified, but when you see them at the actual 6mm or so, trust me, you can't see inclusions with your eyes with only rare exceptions at VS level.
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