For Sale Feelers for 1.35ct OEC 5 stone ring!


Feb 16, 2014
92D1A815-A4B1-4F23-8ACA-DE5E4E088B0F.jpeg 4980C928-BE1C-4AB1-AF29-94F87DB91B21.jpeg 21A75E61-0EBC-4164-B47B-6E390E6668EB.jpeg E0A12B20-EF69-4B2B-9D8B-871ED23A7624.jpeg C51EA0C1-AF7D-4EA2-A25D-84C7A15DFDC7.jpeg 7FD880FE-6AB8-4ED0-A21C-353B3E44E68C.jpeg 5C861A52-7489-4636-991B-15891DB12093.jpeg

Sending out feelers to those who might be interested in this 5 stone ring.

Sold to me as platinum, oec 5 stone ring.
Circa 1930s. Approx 1.35ct total, stones approx N/M color but personally it looks whiter in person than it does in pictures and videos. Totally eye clean. Stones are super chunky with a high crown, and on certain lightings, the slightest hint of vanilla.

Some diamonds have flea bites and a surface abrasion in one of them. It’s personally not very visible on the hand. There was a crack in the shank that I had repaired. Size 5.75 and sizable. It is a very beautiful well loved romantic ring and priced accordingly. $1650 including shipping to a PSER. I have videos available too, message me through my old LT listings for any questions.
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