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Feedback on these OECs, please?


Dec 19, 2016
Our budget for a stone is $4000 max (including tax, shipping, etc) but we'd like to be able to stay around/under $3000.

I'm not terribly concerned about warmth as it will be set in a brushed 14k yellow gold ring similar to the attached picture. I will likely be having a hexagon or octagon bezel instead of round, with the diamonds set in white metal and the emeralds in gold.

I would like a stone as large as I can get with my budget, but I also want something well-cut because I love the chunky flashes of color OECs have. I'm afraid that I find the ideal depth table/crown height/etc for OECs very confusing.

I've found a few possible contenders, but I would like some feedback, please: -- I'm concerned about the inclusions. -- I can't tell what might be a downside to this one. -- How yellow would this be? Too yellow for a mixed-metal ring? -- this seems like it might not face up as the size indicates? -- this is slightly outside our budget, but not so much that I think it would be a major deterrent if this is a good choice for a OEC center stone!

Thank you for your help!



May 11, 2012
What is important to you just size? Do you want an eyeclean stone? Stone no. 1 is probably not eyeclean for example.... Some of those stones are NOT particularly nice cuts either.... If a bit of tint doesn't bother you;

This would be nice;

Or contact Adam at OWD, he would probably be able to make that ring in your budget too if you are happy with a lower coloured centre stone;


Oct 8, 2015
There is just no point dealing with an Etsy vendor when you can call Adam at Old World Diamonds (or email him) and he will have DOZENS of stones to choose from, he has a great eye, he will bend over backwards to get you something in budget, etc. Really. Call Adam. There is NO downside to his excellent inventory and service, and a SERIOUS possible downside to the Etsy vendor (of course I don't know, maybe they're great, but those of us who have done business with Adam know for sure he's great, and there are many here on this forum). All he does is sell OECs (and settings); he's your guy. So much more to choose from, fair prices, etc.


May 25, 2016
Well, I agree with the others. I went to OWD and had a good experience.

For some reason the facets on the last one, the largest, seem wonky to me.

The first one isn't eye clean - which may or may not bother you.

There's a chance they filtered these. Something about the color is different to me. I am not an expert, though.


Mar 8, 2010
This vendor is the same vendor as mydiamondzone on ebay. They often cross-list items, so you can compare the prices on stones you do like, as sometimes I find they are a little cheaper on ebay versus etsy, and vice versa (I am sure it has to do with fees, etc).

I know a few people who have bought stones from them and have been pleased, but I also agree that you might be better off just calling Adam at OWD especially if you are having difficulty in choosing an OEC.

I also really like that 1.05ct from JbG arkieb1 linked, if you are okay going with that low of a colour. Bubbly, as Grace called it, is to me the perfect descriptor!
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