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Feedback on GOG ring for a newbie? (specs listed)

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Apr 17, 2007
I have been lurking on these sites for quite some time and finally joined and posted.

I am looking to purchase a ring sooner rather than later and I am looking for something around 1.6 ct, G-H, VS2 at a good price. Any advice on the specs would be much appreciated.

I noticed that the WF ACA rings are more expensive for relatively same specs (2-3K more). Are those rings that much better and does anyone know why they are more expensive?

Any thoughts on GOG rings? Can I expect an amazing ring? I have looked at Tiffany's (only place) and was hoping for comparable quality. I have listed the ring that I am currently eyeing which is listed at $13.5K. Is this a good price? Specs listed below. Thanks in advance!

Round 1.58ct H VS2
AGS Cut Grade: Ideal
GIA Cut Grade: Excellent
Optical Symmetry: Superior
Polish: Excellent
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: Faint
Girdle: 1.16%
Culet: None
Lab Report: GIA

Width: 7.47mm
Depth: 4.66mm
Length: 7.50mm
Table Percentage: 54.08%
Depth Percentage: 62.24%
Crown Ú: 35.23‹
Crown Depth: 16.30%
Pavilion Ú: 40.84‹
Pavilion Depth: 43.14%
Upper Girdle Ú: 42.03‹
Lower Girdle Ú: 42.12‹


Jan 13, 2006
Hi j,

Yes, you can get an amazing ring from GOG, that''s where I got mine. And I think it''s pretty amazing.

Seriously though, they carry great stones, and you have one here.

WF''s ACA''s are a branded diamond, so they can demand a bit higher price. I don''t notice them always being that much higher though. And that does not mean they are better than any other stones, but it does mean that you are assured a beautiful diamond.

They are both great companies to work with.

To get back to this stone, my thumbs are up.


Jan 24, 2007
Hi Jsparrow,

I would trust GOG...... they have amazing jewelry. I would buy from them, but Whiteflash is just 3 hours from my house, so I will be buying from them. Good Luck

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