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Feedback on a recently bought e-ring?


Oct 20, 2011
I am having a 3 stone e ring made right now. The sidestones are pears at .35 each.
The jeweler said sides stones of this size don't typically come with a certification.
The sidestones looked very nice, and I was told they are typically F-G VS1-VS2 rated.
Is this normal not to have a certification for sidestones of this size?

The round brilliant diamond is a HRD certified 1.01 ct. SI2, G color. The diamond is very clean except for a small feather.
However, I could just barely see it when looking at it as close as possible with my naked eye, and I have incredible vision, better than 20-20.
I lost sight of it and could not refind it when it was placed in the ring. Would this be considered "eye clean" and in the SI2 category still?
As said, the rest of the diamond is very very clean for a SI2.

I don't have all the dimensions on the cut, but the jeweler said they are right where they should be. I recall the depth at 62%.

The diamond looked better than some other stones with higher SI ratings. The color was great as well and was very sparkly and white.

WIth a 14K white gold setting, I am looking at about 10K for the ring.

Any thoughts on this purchase? Any feedback would be very appreciated. Thank you.


Jan 11, 2006
I love a round with pear sides! I'd probably go with smaller pears for a 1 ct. center, but if you liked them with your center stone, then I am sure it will be beautiful! And no, it is not unusual for smaller side stones to be uncertified. Sound like maybe a prong is covering the major inclusion in your round, which is great!

I think you'll get a lot more feedback if you post pictures of the ring! As far as the diamond goes, the time to get feedback on that is before you purchase it! But since you are happy with it, that is all that counts anyway! Eyeclean just means you can't see inclusions with your naked eye. The clarity designation doesn't change.
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