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Exceptional Experience with USA Certed Diamonds and Martin Sheffield


Mar 3, 2020
I can't recommend Martin at USA Certed diamonds highly enough!! His customer service and attentiveness to my needs were outstanding. I had been looking for a pair of earrings for my wife in celebration of our upcoming 20th anniversary for the past year and just never seemed to be able find what I was looking for at the price I was willing to pay. Martin searched through the diamond wholesale list trying to find something that met my specifications and located a diamond in NYC and one in Ohio that are an ideal matched pair (Both GIA certified, Triple EX, and HCA scores of 1.4). Since NYC was virtually shut down for the pandemic, he had the stone in NYC shipped to Ohio, had the earrings made there, and then shipped directly to me. The earrings are fantastic!!! He was highly communicative throughout the entire process (e-mail and phone). I would highly recommend working with Martin for your next diamond purchase - I know I will!

Thanks again, Martin!
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