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Eternity Band reset Help!!


Jul 20, 2012
:wavey:Hi Everybody! Hope everyone is doing well in these unprecedented times.

Have decided to reset my eternity band. The stones ALWAYS loosen up after period of time. And I'm not talking a stretch of time between bench visits--its a consistent--every 6 months or so--problem. I only wear my nice rings out of the house, so no house work, gardening type wear--the only thing I wear when home is a band. And I'm retired, so its not like I am wearing this ring constantly. And even with that kind of care, the stones still loosen up, considerably so.

It's currently a plat. shared prong, basket setting with rounds. Everything was sourced from WF including the setting, & I have been discussing the reset with them. Here is the current setting:
IMG_0758.jpg custom-platinum-eternity-diamond-wedding-ring-by-whiteflash-sarahb.jpg

I'm wondering if anyone can comment on a solution for this problem? I asked WF & they advised a 4 prong setting would help. They also sent an image of another setting they created for .5 sized oval stones, mine are .5 round stones. Here is the WF image showing the prong build they suggested. In my reset, I want to maintain the basket setting (not the U shaped basket as seen in the image) including a bar to protect the gallery.
Custom-Annette's-u-Prong-Eternity-band-for-Oval-Diamonds-in-Platinum-by-Whiteflash_58579_57038_g.jpg Custom-Annette's-u-Prong-Eternity-band-for-Oval-Diamonds-in-Platinum-by-Whiteflash_58579_57038_a.jpg

Here's my concern & question: the prongs in the oval setting look like one prong gently split into two at the top of the prong, to secure each stone. Will the fact that this is essentially one prong at the base of the prong make a diffence in the security of the stones? Should each stone have 4 separate & individual pongs? I just don't have any experience with this type of dilemma. Since a shared prong affects 2 stones, my thinking is 4 individual prongs per stone would be more secure. To the experts out there, does this makes sense, or is there another solution I haven't thought of??:think:

If anyone has any images of a 4 prong eternity setting to share, that would be great too....many thanks in advance.:)

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IMG_5340.jpeg IMG_5342.jpeg



Dec 5, 2016
Hi there,
I have been researching eternity band settings for the past few weeks as well and I think the attached photo might be useful. I think you’re describing a “fish tail” setting where the base is shared and the prong is split into two to hold the diamond, resulting in four prongs per diamond.

In my opinion, the prong setting changes the look of your ring, so I’d carefully consider the look you’re going for before choosing the setting.

Ultimately, I think a good jeweler will be able to set the ring without the constant issues you are facing with your ring. I’ve never worked with WF, but it could just be that your ring isn’t being correctly set (sorry, so frustrating!). Of course, all rings should be inspected on a regular basis and I recognize that stones get loose!

I also found photos of a four prong setting on round brilliant cut eternity band. These are 0.1 stones and it looks so “busy” to me to have all that metal! I personally like clean lines and a minimal amount of metal, but that might not really solve your problem (though again I think a good jeweler should be able to make a secure setting like the one of your ring!).

Also, to me, this four prong setting compromises the round character of these diamonds - the diamonds look more square shape.

BFCFABFF-86F7-42D9-8450-B4B6A4C6D03F.png 32372FBE-CA78-46FD-95EF-52611443364F.png


Jan 19, 2012
Hi Sarahb,

I am currently working on eternity band with basket four prong with BGD which has a bit smaller than yours stones 0.30s

the band is still too high, so needs AC9C7F45-DD44-4B73-A588-1B7F90FE718B.png 377951E9-8E40-491B-A24A-8CCF3FFF4DB9.png to be lowered and widened to have the diamonds very low to the Finger.

Hope this could help your reset ideas.. 4B001DD9-BBE7-4727-A617-6DA4881CDA98.png


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