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E-ring size and prongs


Oct 19, 2016
Anyone have suggestions for the size of the e-ring and the number of prongs for a 2.5 carat round diamond?

My girlfriend is leaning towards a solitaire with 4 prongs and around 2.5MM but is open to options that make more sense. Her heart isn't set on anything.

The downside to 4 prongs seems to be an increased risk of losing the diamond and a look that is more of a square.
The downside to 6 prongs seems to be less light getting into the stone since there are more prongs, therefore less sparkle from the diamond.

If we have a platinum ring, or at least platinum prongs, and take the ring to the jeweler for a check up every now and again, is it really that likely the diamond would fall out of a 4 prong ring?

Does a 6 prong really take away from the brilliance of the diamond since more metal is covering the diamond?

Her fingers are small, 4.5-4.75, so not sure what width is appropriate given her skinny fingers (good length too) along with a bigger diamond, 2.5 carat. We don't want the ring too big but also don't want some extremely dainty ring either. hoping for a solid size that is classic and timeless.



Oct 8, 2015
I think you have all the main points right, although for any quality 6-prong setting the amount of light blocked from entering the stone is negligibly different from the corresponding 4-prong ring. Small stones can be overwhelmed by 6 prongs, but with 2.5 carats you really could do either. And the squared-off effect of a 4 prong should not be very noticeable either, again with your size stone and prongs with any refinement/delicacy. Sounds like the two of you need to go into some B&M stores and just try both on to decide.


Apr 8, 2014
tristanking|1480396778|4103319 said:
The downside to 6 prongs seems to be less light getting into the stone since there are more prongs,

In most 6 prong settings, the individual prongs are typically thinner than individual prongs on a 4 prong setting, making the overall difference negligible.

In general a debate about 4 vs 6 prongs is really about security and individual preferences.
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