diamond price/quality, HELP!

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Jan 15, 2003
I put down a deposit on this stone and need your opinions on whether its a good buy. I would appreciate all your comments, I saw the stone today, it looks great, the cut is a little fat but I dont mind that, I just want to make sure that I'm not over paying. Also is there a way to check an EGL cert for authenticity? Please let me know what you think. Thanks
2.08 ct
H color
Total Depth: 54.2%
Table Width: 60%
Crown Height: 11%
Pavilion Depth 41%
Gridle Thickness: Medium, faceted
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Good to very Good
Cutlet: None
Graining: Nil
Flor: None
EGL Cert.
Price: $10,000 Cash
**I put these measurements in the cut advisor and it returned the comment "Fish Eye, should not be considered for purchase" does this mean I should not buy it, I saw the stone and did not see this so called "fish eye" it looked really clean to the eye and even under the scope I did'nt see too much wrong. Help

Rank Amateur

Feb 26, 2003
The HCA is for rounds only, so the fisheye comments don't really apply (though the crown is shallow).

Take a look at for a chart showing preferred proportions for Marquise cuts. You'll see that your stone's cut falls in the Class 3 grade - a sort of average stone.

I personally think Marquise cuts vary widely in their look and character, so all one can really do is look for yourself, hopefully at several side-by-side. Have you looked at some? Does this one have an overly apparent bow tie?

An independent appraiser can help you match the stone against the cert if it is a concern of yours, as well as judge how lively it is.

Good luck!



Sep 27, 2002
I know how hard it is to find the right stone.
I'm not a cut expert (not for Marquise cut anyway)
. As for the price it seems to me a little high, if you search trough pricescope you find price range $7800-$9500 for this kind of stone.
Although, if you've seen it and really like it I'd say go for it.
Good luck!

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
Hi Jenna. The stone's a touch shallow, with a big surface area. It probably ranks in the AGA class 3A (good commercial make) category, possibly 3B (fair to good commercial make). Not the best, but not the worst. Often cutters are able to "get around the numbers" and produce a good looking stone even when working within handicapped parameters (shallow original diamond crystal).

The fisheye thing occurs with stones that have large tables combined with shallow pavilions. In those stones a reflection of the girdle will appear just within the table outline, creating an effect that looks like a fish's "eye".

This stone is approaching that effect, but hasn't quite got there yet. Viewed perpendicularly, you probably can't see the girdle's reflection, except in the long direction. When rocked slightly from side-to-side you'll probably notice it. Depending on how the cutter handled it, this might be distracting or it might not.

The price is probably reasonable. I'd have to see it to say for sure. Be sure to make the sale contingent upon the diamond appraising out to your satisfaction with an independent appraiser and you can't lose.
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