Diamond pendant suggestion


Sep 8, 2014
I recently inherited a small round diamond, it's currently set in a ring but the jeweler estimated it to be ~0.5ct. It's sentimental as it was a family member's that passed away - so I definitely plan to keep it - I was thinking of setting it into something I could wear every day such as a pendant. I was leaning towards Brian Gavin's Barbara pendant with milgrain - but in looking at the website it seems like prices may have gone up quite a bit since I last looked? I was planning on platinum as that's what my wedding set it (and given its sentimental, I wouldn't upgrade this piece) - maybe that's not necessary?

I guess my questions would be:
- Is platinum worth it for a pendant/necklace? (versus white gold)
- Considering its an outside diamond, they will charge $89 to set it, plus shipping, on top of the $775 price for the pendant/necklace - is this really the best option? Or can you recommend anyone that would be a bit more affordable (but still great quality)?
- I would be open other settings or ideas for the diamond as well!

Thanks :)


May 27, 2013
Hi! I have the Barabra pendant in 18kt white gold, no milgrain and I paid extra to lengthen the chain to 18". I also used my own diamond which was about a .4ct.

First, I loooove this necklace and wear it 3-5 times a week. It has not lost its white gold luster (to keep it nice, I remove it every night before I go to bed and I never shower or work out in it). I receive lots of compliments on it.

Second, I bought the necklace about 15 months ago and my total fees including shipping was $641 - but remember that was for white gold, not platinum.

It has become my favorite necklace so it was worth the money to me. I had that same diamond in two other chunky, clunky, unattractive bezels that I hated. I wasted more money on those two loser settings when I could've spent the same on this one dainty bezel instead. Oh well. Lesson learned.


Jul 27, 2011
I have a bezel pendant from IDJ and I think it's nice. Queenie60 has a double milgrain pendant from IDJ and I think it's GLORIOUS! IDJ tends to have more competitive pricing than BGD, and better customer service when I compare the service I received from BGD in December 2015 to what I've been getting all along and going forward from IDJ.

IDJ is currently closed along with the diamond district for the July siesta. Do give them a call or try their chat.


Apr 2, 2006
I don't think platinum is necessary for a pendant, since a pendant doesn't come into contact with things that might damage it or wear it down (as a ring or bracelet might).



This is my double millgrain bezel pendant from ID Jewelry. Set in platinum and had the 16" chain made to extend to 17" and 18" so I can wear with different necklines. The workmanship is excellent, very well made and I wear it every day. Their customer service is excellent - I suggest you contact Yekutiel and discuss with him. They will return on Monday, 7/11. Good luck, I hope you find a pendant you can enjoy just as much as I enjoy mine. :wavey:
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