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Nov 25, 2020

I’m working on an engagement ring. I’ve been working with a local jeweller to find a diamond for quite some time. COVID has complicated things and his main contact in India is not being super helpful. I’ve decided to try to turn to online sites and look for my ideal diamond.

Here’s what I’m looking for, and why. Any recommendations to improve my criteria would be appreciated. Also, any sites that sell CanadaMark would be helpful. Fell free to let me know if I’m not being realistic with my budget.

Diamond budget: $6,785-$7,654CAD (the upper limit is flexible to $8,000 CAD if I can find a considerably better gem for the extra $346)

Size: At least 1ct (1.0-1.1ish)

Cut: Round brilliant - this is her preferred cut

Origin: Canada with CanadaMark - maybe Canadian diamonds aren’t any more ethical than other locations, and yes there’s a premium to pay, but her and I are Canadian and I think it would be really cool to have a diamond from our birth country.

Color: J - the ring will be set in 18k rose gold. Unless I’m mistaken J is a great match for this metal and will help with the price. Anything above J might not look true to color due to the pink tinge.

Clarity: VVS2 or better - I don’t want any defects getting in the way of the light return.

Cut, polish, symmetry: Excellent

Fluorescence: none or faint blue - from what I’ve read, faint blue with J color will actually pair well and make the diamond look higher in colour quality in a natural sunlight environment.

Proportions: I’ve only recently started to look at proportions. Before this, I would rely on the HCA calculator. Now that I understand a bit better, do the following ranges sound accurate to get a visually stunning diamond?

Table size: 54%-57%

Crown angle: 34-35 ; preferably 34.5

Pavilion angle: 40.6-41 ; preferably 40.75

Depth: 61%-62.5%

Girdle: medium

Culet: none

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s a picture of the non-polished ring

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Dec 17, 2008
Could you be any more specific???:lol:

Maybe you should have this title changed to include hunt for CanadaMark diamond. I do not know who sells them so cant help you look.
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