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Deborah Villepigue Jewelry Appraiser is the real deal!


Oct 28, 2016
Just when you are starting to lose faith in humanity.. BAM. You come across someone like this.

Deborah is the real deal. She is not only friendly and makes your time with her fly by, she is SO knowledgeable. One of the things that I found to be really special about her is that you can tell she truly loves what she does. When I wasn’t learning about the piece that I brought to her, I was busy looking around at her beautiful office and her fancy equipment!

I brought Deborah a piece that I purchased from a lesser known jewelry retailer. I wasn’t sure of its’ value and if it was worth what I paid. When I came across The Jewelry Appraiser from an online search, she seemed like the perfect person to tell me whether or not I got ripped off.. And boy was I right!

She explained to me little details about my ring that I never would have thought to ask. When I asked her something, she was more than happy to answer and explain even further. If she started explaining something to me, and slipped into Jewelry lingo I wasn’t familiar with, I would ask her to clarify and she was never annoyed by it. She wanted me to learn about my piece and all of the details about it right along with her.

She told me where the diamonds in the ring came from. She checked the diamonds to make sure they were in securely. Her projections of color, clarity, and carat weight were right up to par with the certificate that came with the ring. She told me little things I would have never known but certainly found interesting.

What’s great about Deborah and the work that she does is that she puts in time and adds little touches that really make the experience memorable. When we were wrapping up, she even took the time to clean my ring and to show me how to do it. When I asked specifically about the type of paper towel she used to wipe it, she was even happy to tell me about that!

I wish this was a service that I needed all the time because I sure would be happy to come here regularly! If this is a service that you need, or you find yourself curious about a piece that you have, go to Deborah because she is the real deal.

After learning from Deborah, I felt a sense of pride in the piece that I purchased (because she did indeed verify its’ value). Walking out knowing all the nooks and crannies of my piece was truly worth the time and money I spent for her services.
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