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Deborah The Jewelry Appraiser Inc Review

Jessica P

Jun 23, 2018
I came to see Deborah after my fiancé had gone to her to appraise my ring before I got engaged. He couldn’t stop telling me how amazing she was, and that I just had to see for myself. My mom got an upgrade, (lol) and my parents were going to go to her for the appraisal. So me, my fiancé, and my parents all went together-and now I understand what he was talking about! You walk in, and she is so warm and welcoming. I honestly felt like I was speaking to a friend-truly honest, sincere, and helpful, but clear and to the point. But it goes beyond that-the amount of knowledge she has about her craft will make your head spin. We must have sat with her for an hour as she spoke about all of the specs of my mom’s ring, even including geographically where the diamond was cut and that it was cut by a man. Everything she said about the ring aligned with the what we knew from our jeweler. The equipment she had to do all of this was also so cool and interesting. And the stories she had about her profession made it even more fun! She cleaned my mom’s ring before we left, she even cleaned my ring! And I had never ever seen it shine the way it did after using her product. Believe me when I tell you, if you go to her you will not be disappointed! It truly isn’t just an “appraisal”. It is an experience, and it is not one to be missed!
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