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Deborah The Jewelry Appraiser Inc - Review

John V

May 15, 2018
Meeting with Deborah was such a pleasant experience. As a first time buyer of jewelry, I had no idea of what to expect. She was kind, warm, and genuinely pleasant to speak to. I brought an engagement ring to her. Before looking at the ring, she got to know me a little and we quickly developed a rapport. This made me very comfortable and made me know that I was in the right place. Once she saw the ring and started her appraisal, it was clear that she is an expert in her field. Her knowledge is vast, and she was able to explain everything to me without it all going over my head. She spoke directly to me and didn't candy coat anything. After completing the appraisal, Deborah also cleaned the ring to ensure it would be pristine for my proposal. Overall, the experience was excellent. She made me feel as if I were speaking to an honest friend that wanted the best for me, and I couldn't ask for anyone better. I would highly recommend Deborah for any and all jewelry appraisal needs.
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