Cut Corner Diamond Assistance (Non-step cuts)


Mar 2, 2016
I posted here a few months ago when I was beginning research for a ring upgrade. After trying on many styles, I've decided that two styles look best on my finger: 1. a cushion shaped halo, or 2. a cut corner halo.

I have always been in love with cut cornered diamonds, but step cuts are not for me. I prefer brilliants on my hand.

I know that most here vastly prefer cushion cuts to radiants, but there seem to be some alternative radiant-type cuts that are quite nice, ex a Hearts and Arrows Radiant, etc.

However, in looking at James Allen, there are some non-branded radiants described on the GIA cert as "cut-cornered square modified brilliants" that look quite different from others. When I am speaking with vendors, how do I verbally describe the characteristics of the "preferred radiant" below (this one appears cloudy to me, but I like the faceting and shape)?

Standard Radiant:

Preferred Radiant:

Also, any guidance or options on alternative cut-cornered brilliant cuts appreciated - branded diamonds, etc. There is not a ton of online information about branded radiants, as I gather they are not as popular as other cuts.


Dec 17, 2008
Well, I would use pictures just like you did here. If I had to describe your preferred cushion I would say it had a defined
symmetric faceting pattern with arrows vs a crushed ice look (no symmetry, no defined pattern). I know that "crushed ice"
is well defined here on PS and I'm thinking that most jewelers would be aware of the term but I'm not really sure.

IMO, sending them pictures is the best way.

There are other faceting pattern of radiants that are also more defined but not what you posted. Not sure if you like this
look or not but thought I would point them out because they look different from "standard" radiants.

I love this's sort of half step cut/half brilliant. So pretty...does look like it has some leakage around the outside of
the table but I* could live with it because I just love the pattern.


Jan 11, 2006
The Octavia sold by Good Old Gold would absolutely be my favorite cut corner square stone that is not an asscher. It is more brilliant than an asscher. I am having trouble with their new site because I am seeing Octavias labelled Signature Asschers but Octavia is on the lab report. But anyway, you can look into it if you are interested.

Dancing Fire had an Octavia custom cut:


Good Old Gold also used to carry a beautifully cut radiant called Lucere. I can't find any on their new website, but you could ask them if they can still access them.


Aug 8, 2005
My favorites are the Lucre and the Jubilee.

But I don't know if you can get them any more. Call GOG and ask about the Jubilee.
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