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Oct 31, 2017
First time poster, I drool over everyone's bling, but watch my pennies when it comes to jewelry for me (just look at my profile pic LOL). I fell in love with this ring, it's not really showing up in this pic, but it is very sparkly and classy looking, yet suitable for every day wear. But I hate paying retail on anything, any suggestions on where I might find this on line or otherwise (I'm in the metro NYC area). I've found an "Effy" ring at Macy's that looks sort of similar for half the price, but that ring has open spaces, whereas the overlaps on my beauty are barely discernible, which makes it more glittery. I've searched on line and checked ebay, but not coming up with anything because I can't figure out who the designer/manufacturer is, it may be that this is the store's in house brand. I have zero problem with buying a used piece.

Thank you in advance! Ring.JPG
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